Kodam IX/Udayana Launches The Udayana Podcast, The Pangdam Becomes the First Guest

Denpasar – Inaugurated directly by Pangdam IX/Udayana Maj. Gen. TNI Sonny Aprianto, SE, M.M., on Friday (18/8/2023), the Yogi Supardi Podcast Room located at Makodam IX/Udayana is the first podcast facility of all Kodams throughout Indonesia which obtained from the support of the Upper Command.

The inauguration event began with a ribbon cutting by the Regional Military Commander IX/Udayana, followed by a review of the Podcast facility. On this occasion, the Military Commander was also a guest in the first episode of "Udayana Podcast" which was hosted by First Lieutenant Chk (K) Kadek Yolanda Zara Octavany, S.H., as the host.

In his first Podcast, the Regional Military Commander IX/Udayana conveyed the programs of the Regional Military Command IX/Udayana while in office, including the Manunggal Air Program, the Praja Raksaka Cares for the People Program, G20 Security and Security at the ASEAN Summit.

"I appreciate soldiers who are starting to think about the future by taking housing loans, so I created the Udayana Soldier Mandatory Home Owning program," concluded Major General TNI Sonny Aprianto, S.E., M.M.

At the end of his talk, the Military Commander IX/Udayana said that he was very touched by the soldiers from the Military Command IX/Udayana who had high dedication, motivation and enthusiasm for work even though they were faced with the situation in the area.

With the podcast room facility at the IX/Udayana Military Command, it is hoped that it will be able to enhance a positive image and provide information regarding the activities of the Indonesian Army, especially the IX/Udayana Military Command, not only to soldiers, civil servants, and the Indonesian Army extended family, but also to the whole community.

The activity was also attended by Kasdam IX/Udy, Irdam IX/Udy, Kapoksahli Pangdam IX/Udy, Asrendam IX/Udayana, Assistants Kasdam IX/Udayana, Dan/Kalabakdam IX/Udy and representatives from PT. Eka Bangun as the contractor and other invitees. (Pendam IX/Udy)

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